View Full Version : SEM on cortical bone fracture

Sherri Williams
04-10-1996, 04:37 AM
fellow biomch list subscribers,

I am a grad student at the University of Missouri - Rolla. My research
is fracture characterization of cortical bone pins in bending. I am
correlating acoustic emission data with fractography. I have done
a thorough literature review but have a few experimental questions to

1. For staight forward fracture characterization (i.e. what
breaks where and when), is common air drying of the specimen acceptable
for viewing in the SEM? (or would critical point drying or something
else be recommended)

2. Does anyone have comments (or first hand experience)
on using acoustic emission analysis
on cortical bone specimens (bovine and/or human) of cylindrical size
roughly 5mm diameter and 50mm length. Note: The AE data is to be used
for comparisons between specimens sterilized (two ways) and fresh
specimens. It is more for correlation or feasibility than hard
numbers or mechanical property determintation.

I will post responses. Thanking you in advance.

Sherri R. Williams
Masters Graduate Student/GTA
University of Missouri-Rolla
email: srw@umr.edu