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Daniel India
04-11-1996, 10:58 PM
Motion Analysis Corporation's client is seeking an engineer immediately
to join their engineering and sports equipment design department. The
client's ideal candidate will have a engineering/biomechanics design
background and personal experiences in specific sports to fully
understand concepts, feeling of the game, and lessen the start up
learning curve of their job. Specific sports skills may include
swinging a cricket or baseball bat, golfing, and or hammer throwing in
track and field, and experiences in foot pressures, foot to shoe
forces, product design, etc.

The Client has just installed an 8 camera Motion Analysis system
consisting of a Silicon Graphics workstation networked to a sun/PC
system, operating cameras of 240 Frame per second. Also with in the
laboratory are color visualization camera systems, robitics and other
testing devices to design and QC equipment design.

All Responses will be forwarded to the client when received. The
client wishes to remain silent and will contact the candidates
directly. Ideal corporate state-of-the art techology to design sports

Send resumes to biosales@macorp.com

Thank you

Dan India
Vice President Biomechanics Group
Motion Analysis Corporation