View Full Version : foot maxx cad/cam foot orthoses!!!!

Graham Curryer
04-18-1996, 08:34 AM
I would like to ask if anyone has had a chance to review this system for
making so called "functional foot orthoses"

I am having a problem understanding how a computer system is capable
of scanning a one step dynamic foot print, obviously of the foot in its
compensated position for that particular step, and then the footmaxx
'professional staff' , along with their specialized software, working out
the requirements and making a foot orthoses for the patient which they
have not seen and has not apparently been assessed for the causes of
any of their compensatory foot Biomechanics.

Maybe I'm being a little cynical about this system as it has been
developed by Glenn Copeland, a Toronto podiatrist, however it seems to
be more of a gimmick rather than a sound biomechanical and functional

Any views greatly appreciated.

Graham Curryer DPodM
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