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Jesus Dapena
04-19-1996, 09:18 AM
Dear Biomch-Lers:

I found a small error in my previous posting on Sport Biomechanics
Journals. I just want to make a slight amendment to the statistics on the
journals. In Journal of Sports Sciences I only found **one** article in the
category that I designated as "somewhat related to sport biomechanics"
(instead of three), as shown below:

in sport biomech. ~related to sport biomech.
J.Appl.Biomech. 26/year 0/year
J.Biomech. 15/year 3/year
J.Sports.Sci. 9/year 1/year
Med.Sci.Sports Exerc. 8/year 4/year

The breakdown of the "in" sport biomechanics articles into
studies of sport biomechanics itself and studies of methodology applicable
to sport biomechanics stays the same as in my original posting:

in sport biomech. itself methodology
J.Appl.Biomech. 22/year 4/year
J.Biomech. 10/year 5/year
J.Sports.Sci. 9/year 0/year
Med.Sci.Sports Exerc. 8/year 0/year

Jesus Dapena
Jesus Dapena
Department of Kinesiology
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405, USA