View Full Version : Country codes and country backbones

Herman J. Woltring
05-29-1991, 05:34 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

In reply to Milan Jira's posting today, I'd like to correct a minor typo:
the two-letter *country code* for Czechoslovakia is CS, not CZ, while the
EARN/BITNET `backbone' for his country is CSEARN. In the BITNET NODELST
file, there is a two-letter string ",xy" identifying the *country* in which
each particular EARN/BITNET/NETNORTH node is located.

I'm grateful for Milan's additional remarks; however, I have been told that
DASP-L is more of a technical nature, on the ins and outs of *implementing*
networks etc. If I'm wrong -- my apologies. I'll have a look at MIDEUR-L
-- sounds promising!

Regards -- Herman J. Woltring

P.S.: I've enjoyed reading Ian Stokes' posting earlier today, and I'll come
back on it these days. He wrote me the other week that he was drafting some-
thing, so I'll take my time for it, too. Hopefully, the other addressees
will join again. As regards encyclopedias though, I beg to differ. In the
words of Samuel Johnson more than two centuries ago: "there are two kinds of
knowledge: one you've got in your head, the other is to know where to find
it". With one 7 MB encyclopedia on my PC, and a much bigger (but older) one
on my bookshelves, I cannot possibly accept Ian's compliments here :-) .