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Gerhard Colombo
04-25-1996, 12:24 AM
Dear subscriber
I am working in the paraplegic centre of the university hospital in Zurich. For
three years we are now training and measuring complete and incomplete para-
plegics on the treadmill. This training is done by unloading the patients over
the treadmill in a parachute harness and then physiotherapists assist the
movements of their legs. The work the physiotherapists have to do is very hard
and tiring, Also it would be nice to have a constant moving patern for the
measurements. This is why we are looking for a mechanical apparatus to do this
job. It would mainly have to do the knee extension and the hip flexion.
If you know somebody who would be able to help us building such a device or
even allready has somithing like this, please let me know.

Thank you in advance

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