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Joe Spadaro
04-25-1996, 07:26 AM
Dear Colleagues,
To those of you who are interested in the control of biological
systems by physical forces (mechanical, electromagnetic, ultrasound,
thermal...), I would like to call your attention to the following meeting
and invite you to contribute your work.
The 16th Annual SPRBM Meeting
(Society for Physical Regulation in Biology and Medicine)
Oct. 9-12, 1996
at the University of Chicago and the Midland Hotel, (Chicago, U.S.A.)

This year's symposia:
1. Influences of mechanical forces on vertebrate evolution (dinosaurs, etc.).
2. OSTEOARTHRITIS: Physical factors in bone and cartilage remodeling
3. Mechanics of cellular mechanochemical signal transduction.

500 word abstracts of contributed papers are due 10 May, 1996 (1 page with
a second for figures max, single spaced, 2.5cm margins, good quality type)
Send to:
Soc. for Physical Regulation in Biology and Medicine
9650 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, Maryland 20814, U.S.A.

If interested in receiving updated information please contact:
tel: 301-571-0680
Fax: 301-530-7049
E-mail: sprbm@faseb.org

The research is vanguard, interdisciplinary, the style is friendly and open
(only single sessions only). Students are especially welcome and can be
accomodated at the University of Chicago International House.

Joseph A. Spadaro, Ph.D.
Associate Professor - Orthopedic Research
S.U.N.Y. Health Science Center - Syracuse