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Yang Kuang Neng
04-25-1996, 11:31 AM
Dear subscribers:

Two weeks ago I post a qustion about the coefficient of friction, the
original statement is :

Could someone give me the concept and published data about coefficent of
friction between human "bare" foot and force plate(AMTI) during stance
phase of gait?

Following is the summary :


The COF depends on footwear. I measured it in our lab being 0.3-0.4. Could
you send me a summary on the topic? Thanks.

Cheng Cao
Biomechanics Research Laboratory
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor OA OA
Assuming your foot is not slipping, you have a static coefficient of friction
on the foot (mus). Values for static coefficient of friction provided in
texts are upper limits, that is the static coefficient of friction for a
particular situation is