View Full Version : INET-'91 current programme (25 May 1991)

Herman J. Woltring
05-29-1991, 07:42 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

Following my previous posting today in which I referred to INET-'91,
I received the following communication from Frode Greisen, organiser
of this First International NETworking Conference in Copenhagen (18 -
20 June 1991):

> Date: Wed, 29 May 91 17:29:28 DNT
> From: Frode Greisen
> ( ... )
> The INET'91 program is evolving very well and it is now nearly complete.
> The updated program, which includes the registration information, can be
> retrieved by sending mail to LISTSERV@VM.UNI-C.DK with the command GET
> INET91 PROGRAM as a line in the mail body.

Alternatively, you may send email or an interactive message with the same
contents to LISTSERV@NEUVM1.BITNET. The INET91 PROGRAM is dated 25 May 1991,
as opposed to the previous April version in INFONETS@DEARN mentioned before
and outdated by now.

Regards -- HJW

P.S.: DASP-L@CSEARN is concerned with Digital Acoustic Signal Processing,
not with general networking implementation.