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Ton Van Den Bogert
04-26-1996, 08:38 AM
Dear subscribers,

After some initial problems and extensive testing, we now have a
functioning gateway between Biomch-L and the Usenet group
bit.listserv.biomch-l. This is a bi-directional gateway,
i.e. you can both read and post. However, postings submitted
from Usenet will be subject to approval by the moderators before
being distributed.

Usenet may be a good alternative for those who prefer not to
receive Biomch-L by E-mail. But performance varies between
sites. Here in Calgary, bit.listserv.biomch-l tends to arrive
one or two days late, which is not good for keeping up with
public discussions. If this is a problem for you, contact your
Usenet administrator. They may be able to improve performance.

If you decide to start using bit.listserv.biomch-l, I prefer that
you keep your name on the list of subscribers. This will make it
easier to post messages. You can do this by sending 'SET
BIOMCH-L NOMAIL' to listserv@nic.surfnet.nl. You can also
receive by E-mail a daily overview of new messages by sending
'SET BIOMCH-L INDEX' to the same address.

It is also possible to retrieve postings from
gopher://hearn.nic.surfnet.nl instead of Usenet. This will
prevent the delays I mentioned earlier.

Many thanks to Art Kuo (University of Michigan) and Jim McIntosh
(American University) for their work on the gateway.

Please let me know if you experience any problems.

. Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator