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Ramona Ragano
04-27-1996, 03:52 AM
Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for information about
finding a gait analysis lab. The feedback was extremely helpful. Let me
know if anyone is interested in a summary of the location referrals that I


> I have had pain and complications with my gait following trauma to my
>foot and am looking to have a gait analysis done. I am from Pittsburgh
>and there are no such labs in the city. I am trying to locate a lab in
>some nearby city such as Cleveland, Baltimore, or D.C. that would
>performs these kinds of tests. So far I have only found research centers
>not clinical labs. I would appreciate any further direction or information
>anyone might have. Also am interested in learning more about the analysis
>itself if anyone works in this field and could share some expertise.
>Thanks -