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Martha Jack
04-28-1996, 11:51 AM
This sounds like a Federal Building clean up problem. I appreciate your
saving the backs of those who will do the job. The Millwrights are your
answer. They have hand trucks that are made for just this job. It is
extended in the bed, stronger and longer in the handles, and is just what
"you" need. Here's hoping that the craft who have done this in the past
have not been downsized, like other essential personnel. Be sure that the
built up wax has been removed from around those safe's because that is
very difficult to loosen from the floor. I would suggest after the lift
has been made that you leave the safe (one per hand truck) there on the
truck and wheel it to the freight elevator. Check out the rating of the
elevator first. Then have a truck at the bottom of the elevator in the
post office parking lot awaiting it's arrival. The disposition of them
thru excess is very difficult, but that is not your problem. Nobody wants
them because of not only their weight, but also that they have asbestoes
in them. If you have any other questions on this ergonomic problem, just

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_ \ other file cabinets. Some of the cabinets are metal, some are not. Most of
> these are in offices. Some of them in carpeted offices, some waxed to the
> floor. Almost always, these safes are flush against a drywall. Sometimes
> these safes are surrounded by other safes, sometimes they are stand alone.
> Anyone have any ideas on how to move these without incurring significant
> human effort? I am looking for a way to lift them and slip a motrized
> pallet jack underneath. The problem is how to list them. Any ideas? Would
> appreciate any help.
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