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unknown user
04-28-1996, 11:08 PM
Dear all,

I am looking for information on how to convert data from a Medelec (MS6)
EMG machine to some sort of computer program. Ideally, this computer
program would allow manipulation of data to show: linear envelope,
integration, RMS (root mean square) and FFT (fast fourier transform). The
basic MS6 system consists of the main frame recording unit and the CRT
display, four AA6 biological amplifiers with four PA62 pre-amplifiers, a
USC6 stimulus control unit with IS/V stimulator, a DAV6 digital averager
and an AX6 expander. The computer program would need to sample at 2,000Hz.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
Karl Hausler
Anatomy & Physiology Dept.
Bundoora Vic AUS 3083
Ph: (03) 468 2595
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email: hausler@eos.xx.rmit.edu.au