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Michael Mcpartland
04-29-1996, 01:56 AM
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A colleague has approached me with the following questions. Please respond to
the address listed below.

While standing, a person undergoes a significant vertical mechanical shock (e.
g., 2+ g's, 0.5 sec duration triangular pulse) through ones feet (assume the
subject is standing flat-footed):

-What shock characteristics, such as amplitude, jerk, or frequency range,
might correlate to the subjects highest discomfort levels? ... to
physiological damage?

-What might be the effects of keeping the knees fully extended, or at a slight
flexion angle, on perceived comfort levels? ... physiological damage?

-How would repeated shock inputs of similar or greater magnitudes effect the
perceived comfort level and or potential for physiological damage? (Assume a
period of 5 sec over the course of 1 hr.)

Recommended references on similar studies would be appreciated.

Best regards,
Michael D. McPartland, Ph.D.

Please respond to: frommer@metsci.com