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Herman J. Woltring
05-30-1991, 09:53 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

Following my posting on `Eastern Europe and beyond' the other day, it is a
pleasure to post the note below received this morning from Tian-Bai Qian in
Beijing, following some earlier exchanges including the Biomch-L archive for
May 1991. Mr Qian has asked me not to send any further lengthy files -- for
cost reasons until such time that one or more Chinese networkers apply for
it. At the present time, I believe that only 6 other institutions are `pol-
ling' data from the Beijing Institute for Computer Applications.

If you wish to get in touch with Chinese colleagues by email, it might be
prudent to use other channels for giving your contacts the information below,
so that they may determine on their own whether they have the interest and
means to join CANET, the Chinese Academic NETwork. Of course, Prof. Zorn's
Nov 90 posting to Usenet's soc.culture.china quoted in my posting the other
day may be relevant!

Regards, Herman J. Woltring.
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Date: Fri, 31 May 91 15:25 CHINA TIME +100
From: QIAN@ica.beijing.canet.cn
Subject: RE: Your note of Thu, 30 May 91 16:35 CHINA TIME +100

Dear Mr. Woltring,

At present, CANET is accessible for any academic community of China through
the CHINAPAC (national X.25 PDN) or the dialup telephone links. The partici-
pants should pay the international communication fees and the initial instal-
lation fee.

Administrative contact:

Tian-bai Qian
Institute for Computer Applications
P.O.Box. 2418-26
10 Che Dao Gou St.

TEL:+86 +1 8413654
FAX:+86 +1 8414913
EMAIL: qian@ica.beijing.canet.cn
qian%ica.beijing.canet.cn@ira.uka.de [added -- HJW]

T.B. Qian