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Brian Davis Cleveland Clinic Foundation
06-04-1996, 02:25 AM
An opportunity exists for an entry-level Master's student to pursue a
degree through a joint venture between Penn State University and the
Cleveland Clinic Foundation. The project is designed to explore the
biochemical aspects of a biomechancal problem related to diabetic foot
disease. The sucessful applicant will, ideally, have an interest in
both these domains. This is a two-year program in which the student will
spend the first year at Penn State completing course work under the
direction of Dr. Peter Cavanagh and the second year at the Cleveland
Clinic conducting research with Dr. Brian Davis. The research will
focus on collagen cross-linking in the plantar soft tissue of diabetic
and non-diabetic individuals. The student will be expected to perform
biochemical assays, use staining and imaging techniques to assess
collagen architecture, and employ flourescence techniques to examine
collagen cross-linking. The research will involve non-invasive
collection of data from diabetic and control patients as well as work
with cadaveric specimens. The expected starting date is January 1997.
For further information contact either Dr. Cavanagh or Dr. Davis at the
addresses below.

Brian L. Davis, PhD Peter R. Cavanagh, PhD
Dept. of Biomedical Engineering (Wb3) CELOS
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation RM 10, IM Bldg.
9500 Euclid Avenue Penn State University
Cleveland, OH 44195 University Park, PA 16802
email: davis@bme.ri.ccf.org email: prc@ecl.psu.edu

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Name: Brian L. Davis, PhD
E-mail: davis@bme.ri.ccf.org
Date: 06/04/96
Time: 09:25:34