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Jeremy Linskell
06-04-1996, 06:48 PM
Dear Biomch-Lers

There appears to be some doubt about the existence of this year's
ESMAC conference. I can confirm that it is organised for 12th-14th
Sept. in Dublin. For information contact,

Ann Jenkinson
tel xx-1-8332206
fax xx-1-8335496
email: gaitlab@iol.ie (tempramental!)

I am interested to here that there was a web page on the conference.
As the committee member responsible for investigating ESMAC's
potential use of electronic information systems it is the first I have
heard of it, perhaps someone could let me know more details.

On this point, one issue is whether clincial gait lab users require
their own discussion group to discuss issues of primarily clinical
significance. These questions are more likely to relate to patient
pathology and treatment options but will inevitably deal with some
methodological issues. Are there any helpful comments/suggestions on
this matter.
Jeremy Linskell
Clinical Gait Analysis Service Manager
The Dundee Gait Lab
Dundee Limb Fitting Centre
Dundee, DD5 1AG, Scotland
tel +1382-730104, fax +1382-480194