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Stephen Haake
06-04-1996, 11:46 PM
5th July 1996

Dear Colleagues,

Please find below the final programme for The Engineering of Sport to be
held at the University of Sheffield between 2-4 July. If you would like a
copy of the Proceedings or further information please contact me at this
email or postal address. Many thanks.

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Dr Steve Haake,
Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering,
The University of Sheffield,
Mappin Street,
S1 3JD,
United Kingdom.

Tel (0114) 282 5415
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Conference secretariat: Mrs N. Parkes N.Parkes@sheffield.ac.uk
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Tuesday Morning 2nd July

9.20 Keynote Speech: H. Brody, The University of Pennsylvania, USA
The modern tennis racket


Chair: Dr S. J. Haake, The University of Sheffield, UK

10.00 T. Sugimoto,
How to win the America's Cup: optimum control of a yacht having an
optimally designed sail
10.20 A. J. Cooke
Shuttlecock design and development

10.40 Coffee


Chair: Professor S. H. Johnson, Lehigh University, USA

11.20 M.A. Lauder & P. Dabnichki,
A proposed mechanical model for measuring propulsive forces in
front crawl swimming
11.40 T. McGarry, M. A. Khan & I. M. Franks
Analyzing championship squash match-play: in search of a system
12.00 A. J. Subic & S. B. Preston
Symbolic dynamics for motion analysis in sports
12.20 C. Grant & S. A. Nixon
Parametric modelling of the dynamic performance of a cricket bat

12.40 Lunch

Tuesday Afternoon 2nd July


Chair: To be announced

14.00 R. A. Smith
The development of protection systems for rock climbing
14.20 C. A. Walker
Experimental mechanics and artificial turf
14.40 W. Gobush
Friction coefficient of golf balls

15.00 Afternoon Tea


Chair: To be announced

15.40 M. Kruger, M. Lammers, L. J. Stoner, D. Allyn & R. Fuller,
Musical expertise: the dynamic movement of the trombone slide
16.00 W. Wang, R. H. Crompton, Y. Li & M. M. Gunther
Comparison of the powers at the lower limb joints during walking at
different velocities and their significance for a possible optimal walking
16.20 M. H. Alizadeh & J. Standring
The effect of an exercise regime on pelvic tilt

Tuesday Evening 2nd July

18.30 Coach departs for Sheffield Wednesday Football Club
19.00 Tour around Sheffield Wednesday Football Club
20.00 Dinner
22.30 Coach returns to Halifax Hall

Wednesday Morning 3rd July

9.20 Keynote Speech: Dr R. K. Hanna, Fluent Europe, Sheffield, UK
Going faster, higher and longer in sport with CFD


Chair: Dr R. K. Hanna, Fluent Europe, Sheffield, UK

10.00 J. M. T Penrose, D. R. Hose & E. A. Trowbridge
Cricket ball swing: a preliminary analysis using computational
fluid dynamics
10.20 M. M. Zdravkovich, M. W. Ashcroft, S. J. Chisholm & N. Hicks
Effect of cyclist's posture and vicinity of another cyclist on
aerodynamic drag

10.40 Coffee


Chair: Dr S. Mather, The University of Nottingham, UK

11.20 E. A. Ekstrom
Vibrations on the golf course
11.40 A. Hocknell, R. Jones & S. Rothberg
Engineering "feel" in the design of golf clubs
12.00 M. I. Friswell, G. Horwood, M. G. Smart & S. M. Hamblyn
The validation and updating of dynamic models of golf clubs.
12.20 S. Knowles, J. S. B. Mather & R. Brooks
Cricket bat design and analysis through impact vibration modelling


Chair: Dr C. Grant, The University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

10.00 S. H. Johnson & B. B. Lieberman
Normal impact models for golf balls
10.20 M. Pavier
Derivation of a rope behaviour model for the analysis of forces
developed during a rock climbing leader fall

10.40 Coffee


Chair: Professor T. DeVaney, Graz University, Austria

11.20 P Pudlo, F. Barbier & J. C. Angue
Instrumentation of the Concept II ergometer for optimisation of the
gesture of the rower
11.40 S. Iwnicki, P. Dabnichki & S. Aritan
Measuring the longitudinal force during javelin release
12.00 P. Dabnichki, S. Aritan, M. Lauder & D. Tsirakos
Accuracy of the kinematical data collection, filtering and
numerical differentiation
12.20 I. Kobenz, T. DeVaney, W. M=FCller, W. Habermann & M. Samastur
Experimental study of the perception of body position in space

12.40 Lunch

Wednesday Afternoon 3rd July


Chair: Dr P. Dabnichki, The Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

14.00 W. M=FCller & T. T. J. DeVaney
The influence of body weight on ski jumping performance
14.20 N. Gleeson, D. Rees & S. Rakowski
Reliability of indices of anterior tibio-femoral ligamentous
func-tion in the normal and anterior cruciate ligament-deficient knee
14.40 L. H. Wang, H. W. Wu, K. C. Lo, Y. W. Chang & F. C. Su
Three-dimensional kinematic analysis of upper extremity in the soft
tennis forehand drive


Chair: Dr S. J. Joseph, The University of Sheffield, UK

14.00 M. D. Kidd, N. E. Loch & R. L. Reuben
Bicycle chain efficiency
14.20 H. Kanhiro, S. Takeda, T. Kakihara & K. Satoh
The fatigue life of nylon monofilament as fishing gear material
14.40 A. J. Barker & J. L. Wearing
Mechanics and design of a windsurfer mast

15.00 Afternoon Tea


Chair: Dr S. Iwnicki, The Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

15.40 L. W. Alaways, M. Hubbard, T. M. Conlan,& J. A. Miles
Static and dynamic accuracy determination of a three dimen-sional
motion analysis system
16.00 A. Kranzl, J. Kollmitzer & E. B. Zwick
3-D kinematic analysis of the forward stroke of white water
paddlers using a paddle - ergometer.
16.20 M.A. Lauder, P. Dabnichki , R. M. Bartlett & S. Aritan
The accuracy of kinematic data collected from underwater
three-dimensional analysis


Chair: Dr A. Cooke, The University of Cambridge, UK

15.40 S. C. Burgess.
The design optimisation of poles for pole vaulting
16.00 D. Katsanis & S. M. Grove
Design and prototype manufacture of a composite bicycle frame
16.20 J. E. Morgan
The design and development of a shuttlecock hitting machine for use
in training badminton players at all levels of the game

Wednesday Evening 3rd July

19.00 Coach departs for Cutler's Hall
19.30 Reception and photograph
20.00 Conference Banquet
22.30 Coach returns to Halifax Hall

Thursday Morning 4th July

9.20 Keynote Speech: Dr J. S. B. Mather, The University of Nottingham, U=
The dynamic response of a golf club head


Chair: To be announced

10.00 R. K. Huffman & M. Hubbard
A motion-based virtual reality training simulator for bobsled driver=
10.20 S. H. Joseph & S. Stewart
Mechanics of the modern target archery bow and arrow


Chair: Professor R. A. Smith, The Univesity of Sheffield, UK

11.20 M. B. Barker, A. M. Davidson & D. Regener
Developments of manufacturing of metal matrix composites for
applications in the sports and leisure industries
11.40 J. R. Blackford
Materials in mountaineering equipment: a look at how processing and
heat treatment influences the structure and properties of aluminium alloy
12.00 U. G. K. Wegst & M . F. Ashby
Materials selection for sports equipment
12.20 C. Grant & S. A. Nixon
The effect of micro structure on the impact dynamics of a cricket ba=

12.40 Lunch

Thursday Afternoon 4th July


Chair: Dr S. J. Haake, The University of Sheffield, UK

14.00 S. P. G Madabhushi, A. S. Usmani & D. R. Fairbairn
Finite element analysis of additional stressing during (light)
sporting events, following total hip arthoplasty
14.20 Z. Waskiewicz
The mechanical analysis of kicking during physical effort
14.40 M. S. Ghasemi
Clinical and mechanical assessment of selected foot orthoses
(presentation only)

15.00 Afternoon Tea

Conference End