View Full Version : How to measure ankle & subtalar jnt motion seperately in gait?

Stefan Peters
06-08-1996, 12:19 AM
Greetings from Dundee, Scotland to the biomch-l community

I am currently doing my MSc project (Biomedical Engineering) at Dundee
University. The title is "Dynamic measurement of ankle and subtalar joint
motion". I have already done intensive literature research, but the only
source I found which dealt with seperate but simultaneous measurement
in gait for these two joints was Wright, 1964.

There are diverse measurement techniques available (video-, electro-
goniometric-, magnetic-, sonic-, etc.) but the final system must meet the
following specifications: measuring ankle and subtalar joint seperately,
simultaneously, non-invasive, in gait.

My questions are:

a) Has any other work been completed or is there any currently
ongoing which can fulfill the specific criteria ?

b) Which measurement technique could be applied with overall
reasonable accuracy, reliability and practicability for
clinical use
in the gait lab ?

I currently have access to the facilities of the Gait Analysis Lab at
Dundee Limb Fitting Center.

I thank you for your time & help in this matter in advance and I will be
grateful for any response which I will collect and post in a summary.

Kind regards

Stefan Peters (MSc Student Biomed Eng)
Biomed Eng Department
University of Dundee, Scotland