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Nava Lotan
06-08-1996, 12:54 AM
Dear List members,
We are studying the movement of infants as they fall asleep. As a
first stage, due to obvious difficulties in putting a full 3D system
in children's bedrooms, we are looking at the movements using a single
video camera, in 2D. I'm therefore looking for a simple 2D automatic
tracking software. The software needs to recognize colored stickers
on the child's arms and/ or legs and output the 2D coordinates (pixel
location) of the stickers as function of time, by analyzing the video
movie frame by frame. The number of markers is going to be fairly
low. I'd be especially interested in a software that can run on an
SGI (silicon graphics) workstation, using the SGI's video library to
do the video calls.

Is anyone aware of such a public domain software or an inexpensive
commercial system? Will appreciate any help, Nava Lotan

Nava Lotan
3 Yigal Yadin St
Rehovot, 76100, Israel
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