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Bjorg Fallang
06-10-1996, 12:15 AM
Dear list-members
I had a request about comparisons of 3D systems and forceplatforms, since I
probably have to change the laboratory during a study.

You all directed me to Dr Yoshihiro Ehara
Rehabilitation Engineering Department
Kanagawa Rehabilitation Center
516, Nanasawa
Atsugi, 243-01, Japan
Ph: +81 462-49-2594
Fax +81 462 49 2290

The reports : Current status of 3D Camerasystems for Clinical Gait
Measurement, version 1993 and version 1995, are available at his address.
The 1993 version: "Comparison of the performance of 3D camera systems" was
published in Gait & Posture 1995; vol.3:166-169 September
The last report will be published in the same journal.

I received no responses as to the comparison of forceplates.

Thank you, Bjorg Fallang

Bjorg Fallang M.PT
Oslo College, Dept. Physiotherapy
Pilestredet 56
0167 Oslo, Norway
Ph.:47 22 452512, Fax: 47 22 452505