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James Major
06-10-1996, 09:47 AM

The Rebound company of Oklahoma and Malaysia would like to hire a
biomechanist. You will be part of a team consisting of an training
scientist, exercise physiologist, librarian, doctors of physical
therapy, and athletic trainers. This team will equip, staff, and
train the new Human Performance Laboratory in the new National Sport
Institute, Bukit Jalil Sport Complex, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The
Bukit Jalil complex is being constructed to host the 1998
Commonwealth Games.

As the biomechanist in this team, your duties will be equally divided
between applied research with the top coaches and athletes of
Malaysia, training Malaysian scientists and coaches, and
interdisciplinary projects with the rest of the team.

Your laboratory is brand new and will shortly be equiped with Kistler,
Motion Analysis, Noraxon, SGI, SRM, etc. Your input on the
development of this biomechanics laboratory will be essential. You
will have an experienced electrical/mechanical technician as your
personal assistant. You will also have Malaysian scientists in
training as your responsibility. The working language is English. We
have a flat organization structure in the lab.

Your contract can be from one up to three years. Salary will
be competitive with USA compensation. The compensation package will
include extensive benefits.

Please do not answer via email. I will be happy to answer any
questions @916-753-2507 (Davis, California, USA) after June 15, 1996.
I have a packet of information that I can send to you. I cannot do
justice to this unique opportunity in this necessarily short

You must have completed your Ph.D. or Dr.Sci., or will do so shortly,
and your dissertation topic must be related to human performance.
Otherwise you must be able to document other research in
human performance enhancement. I would like to encourage
kinesiologists, neuromuscular physiologists, motor control, and
bioengineers to apply.

Only written applications may be considered. Your application
should contain a cover letter briefly stating why you are interested
in this position and what abilities that you believe that you can
contribute to the team (max. 2 pages). Your application must also
contain a complete resume and coordinates of at least three persons
that we may contact for a professional evaluation. Please send your
application to

Rebound America, Inc.
TRG, Box 721147
Norman, OK 73070

Thank you Biomch_L listers.

James Major
Director of Research
Rebound Asia, Sdn.Bhd.