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Ton Van Den Bogert
06-11-1996, 06:03 AM
Dear subscribers,

Tony Kuper wrote:

>Hello everyone! I am a student a Claifornia Polytechnic State
>University, San Luis Obispo, CA.. I am doing a senior project for motor
>development on throwing and would appreciate any references and info on
>throwing, I would also appreciate anyone who could reccomend info on a
>biomechanicl analysis on throwing. Thank you in advance to all those Asking

This is not a complaint about this specific posting, but more a
general comment on the use of Biomch-L. Asking for information
on such a broad topic is not an effective use of Biomch-L. For
several reasons:

1. If you do some basic literature research first, you will be
able to ask a much more specific question. Imagine getting a
*complete* answer to your question. Obviously, *all* references
and info on the biomechanics of throwing would not even fit in
our mailboxes. Not that this will happen, but it illustrates the
futility of such a broad question.

2. Among Biomch-L subscribers there are excellent experts in this
area, but they will not be motivated to reply to someone who did
not do his homework first. So the quality and quantity of
replies will not be as good as it could be.

3. After doing your literature search, you may already have found
what you are looking for. Then there is no need to distribute
your question to 2800 Biomch-L subscribers.

So, in your own interest and also in the interest of Biomch-L as
a whole, please do some work (remember, there are still
libraries!) before posting and try to post questions that
stimulate our thinking.

-- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator