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Greg Dempster
06-13-1996, 07:39 AM
Dear All,

I am at present engaged in writing an in-depth theoretical expose on the
technique theory of traditional and non-traditional methods of training typists.
I need a bit of help in a field that I know nothing about, namely sports

I am looking for a theoretical description of training efficient movement skills
for athletes. Not what happens in actual practice, but what should happen in
the ideal, i.e., the technical goals of sports training, what constitutes
correct technique, what is incorrect technique and why, pedagogical strategies,

The comparison has already been made with musicians, in particular pianists, but
very little has been written objectively on the technique of playing the piano,
and most of it is based on technique theory developed 200 years ago, in the
absence of correct physiological information.

Obviously, much of sports training comes down to us as a hearsay tradition.
Have any objective training philosophies been developed? I am interested in
anything that presents a theoretical model of technique in any sport, not
necessarily one that involves the use of the hands.

Thanks very much in advance for your help. If the replies are interesting, I
will post a compilation.

Yours very sincerely,

Greg Dempster
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