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Cathy Maltais
06-19-1996, 12:28 AM
Dear subscribers,

I'm looking for an article. I got the reference in the article of Koo and
Al. ''Posture effect on seating interface biomechanics: comparison
between two seating cushions''. The article I need is:

Koo TKK, Mak AFT.'' Measurement of pelvic orientations during sitting''. In:
Goh JCH, Nather A, editors. Proceeding of the 8th International
Conference on Biomedical Engineering; 1994 December; Singapore.
Singapore:National University of Singapore, 1994:357-9.

If you have it, I woul really appreciate if could send me a copy or tell
me where I can find it.

Cathy Maltais
email: maltais@panoramix.meca.polymtl.ca
fax: (514) 340-3261