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C. Widule
06-20-1996, 02:48 AM
Dear BIOMCH-L Subscriber:

Current trends in communications technology offer some exciting new approaches
to the development of computer assisted biomechanical instructional materials.
At lease 10 years ago, the research evidence was fairly clear in establishing
the efficacy of computer assisted instruction when compared to traditional
teaching methods. In an attempt to move beyond these comparison studies, we are
looking for research which provides evidence on how best to construct
biomechanical related multimedia and hypermedia experiences to achieve maximum
learning for students who bring their own unique set of past experiences,
abilities, and cognitive learning styles. We are looking for research evidence
which relates specific design principles to learning outcomes.

There appears to be a void in the published research related to the design of
biomechanical related multimedia and hypermedia computer assisted instructional
materials. We would be interested in any help anyone might be able to provide
to either locate this literature, if it exists, or to locate individuals who are
engaged in this research.

Carol J. Widule, Professor Jay Moon, PhD graduate student
Dept. of HKLS/Lambert Dept. of HKLS/Lambert
Purdue University Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907 West Lafayette, IN 47907

e-mail: cwidule@purdue.edu e-mail: jumoon@purdue.edu