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Peter Magnusson
06-24-1996, 10:45 PM
Team Danmark Test Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

Cardiopulmonary exercise systems:

In the near future we intend to bye an on-line cardiopulmonary system. The
system will be used to measure the cardiorespiratory response during
physical activities. We are looking for a reliable system (breath by breath
or/and mixing chamber) that will give exactly the same data as using Douglas
bags, and with the same accuracy. We are working with elite athletes, so the
system has to be able to deal with pulmonary ventilation's up to 250 l/min.
and breathing frequencies up to 70 1/min.

The questions is:

Is it possible to compare data from breath bye breath systems to data from
Douglas bags?

Has any data been published about on-line systems compared to Douglas bags?

Which system are you using and what are your experience with it?

Do you know of any system besides those mentioned below?

Some of the systems known to us:

MAX -1 CART ParvoMedics MMS-2400
Vista Mini-CPX (Vacu Med) K4 (COSMED)

We would appreciate that you share with us both the negative and the
positive experiences, especially from the training centers that have daily
contact with elite athletes.

Thank you very much!

Peter Magnusson
Project Coordinator
Team Danmark
Rigshospitalet, Afd 2001
Blegdamsvej 9
2100 Copenhagen

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