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06-25-1996, 10:25 PM
Dear Members,
I am biomechanics from Moscow Russia Dmitri Skvortsov. In this time
an videobased system for gait analysis is generally using in the world
(I do my research with help digital triaxial goniometers). Therefore I
would appreciate you for answer of a few questions specifically about
accuracy, reliability and optimum frequency for different videobased
Gait analysis systems. It is also important comparability of gait
analysis data between videobased and goniometric systems.
The questions are next:

What would be preferable and optimum of frequency to sample of gait
analysis data (specifically for clinical gait analysis)? The most common
videobased systems are using frequency of 50 or 60 Hz. But, it is looks
too low for correctly sampling of joint motion data.
What are the accuracy and reliability of kinematics data for the hip,
knee and ankle joints generally have videomotion systems which used 50 Hz
How is comparable the kinematics data between different videobased
systems as VICON, ELITE or GaitTrack?
Does anybody know some research about compare kinematics data of joints
between videobased and goniometric systems? It is particularly interesting
for triaxial electrogoniometers (Chattex Corp. - for example).
Is it possible to compare data collected by video gait system with
data sampled by triaxial goniometers?

Dmitri Skvortsov

Dmitri V. Skvortsov
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