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06-26-1996, 06:12 AM
Like most people with a serious interest in movement science, you
have accumulated over the years hundreds of notes, articles and clippings,
on this topic.

But you may not be satisfied with how you have organized all these items.
When organized and indexed, your collection of articles, clippings, notes,
etc. will be more valuable, easier to browse, easier to find specific items,
and more enjoyable to use.

There are many PC software tools to organize your research notes. Before
you spend money, you might consider a free software package, SquareNote3.5,
that has already helped thousands of people. Many consider it to be the
very best tool for this purpose.

[BTW, this notice does not offer anything for sale, just free information
and software. We believe that well over half of this forum will be
interested in this information and software. To any who think this is too
far off-topic, we apologize.]

With SquareNote, the scattered notes become easy to organize. Indexing is
done automatically as you organize the notes. In just 15-20 minutes each
day, your entire collection will soon be well-organized.

SquareNote provides a note for each item, combines all notes into one file,
retrieves any note instantly, and quickly sorts the file in any one of three
order sequences. It lets you select certain groups of notes and print them
out. It's like having index cards on your PC.

SquareNote is used by thousands of people in 39 countries to organize their
collection of information, articles and research notes. It's used by grad
students and professors at more than 1,100 universities.

SquareNote runs on any IBM-compatible PC, under DOS and the DOS partition
of MS-Windows and OS/2. It runs on the oldest PCs as well as the newest.
MAC and Windows versions are scheduled for later this year.

SquareNote3.5 is now available free by download from our Web site or by
mail. Email "sqn35net@sqn.com" for complete information, or download from
"http://sqn.com" or "http://www.sqn.com". If you are curious as to why we
give away free software, email "whyfree@sqn.com".

Caroline Nachman