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R J Eveleigh
06-26-1996, 07:16 PM
Dear list,

I am trying to construct a rig that simulates the forces acting on the
femur when it is flexed during gait.

Although muscle forces acting on the femur (those of the abductors
and tensor fascia latae) during single legged stance are
well documented, I am having difficulty finding any such information
regarding muscle forces during femoral flexion.

If anyone has any ideas or information regarding which muscles are active
(I believe the abductors, tensor fascia latae and perhaps the vasti
muscles) at this stage and with what magnitude/direction they act on the
femur, I would greatly appreciate the help.

I will post a summary of results if I receive a good response.

Thanks in advance,

Rebecca Eveleigh

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School of Mechanical Engineering
University of Bath

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