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Kathy Harvie
06-29-1996, 04:09 AM
Hello to all,

1. The article listed immediately below was referenced in another
article. I have a spent a few futile hours at the library looking
for it - obviously (hopefully) there has been some mistake. I
would be so appreciative for someone to tell me where I can find
this article.

Green, P.R. (1985). Running on flat turns: Experiments, theory
applications. Journal of Biomechanics, 107, 96-103.

2. My master's thesis involves looking at the kinetics and kinematics
in running flat turns. There are zillions of articles on running,
assymetry of runinng, but, I have found only 2 articles that deal
specifically with running flat turns.

Hamill, J., Murphy, M. and Sussman, D. (1988). The effects of
track turns on lower extremity function. IJSB, 3, 276-286.

Green, P. R. (1985) Running on flat turns: Experiments, theory
and applications. Somewhere ?

Suggestions would be very welcome, and I am happy to post a summary.
Thanks for your help.


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