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Darren Jakal
07-03-1996, 07:32 AM
I am new to Biomch-l and would like to apologize in advance for any
blunders I commit. I am a masters student at the U of Calgary (Industrial
design) doing my thesis on outdoor footwear. I am not totaly uninformed on
the subject of biomechanics (BPe-now Kinesiology-@ U of C). I am searching
for visualization material on the foot and lower leg in order to
generate & inform design concepts (form-follows-form) and to create my own
visual communication material to discuss ideas with advisors(informed
experts and laymen) and for presentations. To date I have been using
Salathe's "A biomechanical model of the foot"(1986), Winter and Scotts's
"Biomechanical model of the human foot: kinematic and kinetics during the
stance phase of walking"(1993), Distefano's "Anatomy and biomechanics of
the ankle and foot"(1980), Morlocks Ph.D thesis (1989) as well as "Inman's
Joints of the Ankle", Donatelli's "The Biomechanics of the Foot and Ankle"
and so on. I am aware of, but at this time unable to get my hands on
"Kinetic, biomechanical model of the
foot and ankle" (Abbuzzahab et al, 1994) in Proceedings of the 16th annual
international conference of the IEEE engineering in medicine and biology
society, and many other sources that sound interesting.
I have been following the discusion on Biomch-l for the past few weeks and
it appears that many are interested in obtaining or creating dynamic 3-d
analysis software, 3-d kinetic analysis of human movement, computer
assisted biomechanical instuctional material in multimedia and/or hypermedia
or papers on simialr subjects. I am wondering if any good visualization
material exists now that is in this vein. If I could aks those on the
list who would give their opinions I will ask "Is there a model or models
of the lower extremity that you feel is acurate in its form and is visualy
informative (papers, 3-d models [mechanimcal, computer,{please not
mathematical}] etc.) ". I will post a summary (if you want your opinion
shared) and I thank all who respond in advance.
Darren Jakal

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