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Roy Bechtel, Pt
07-04-1996, 11:19 PM
Dear BIOMCH-L users. I'm completing a disertation on the mechanical
properties of ligaments around the sacroiliac joints, and have two basic
questions, which may be of some general interest.

1) Are there any opinions on the best portable 3D digitizing apparatus to
digitize the attachment points of ligaments and muscles on the pelvis ? I
have the opportunity to contribute to a useful database on such
anthropometric information, and don't want to screw up or waste vast time.
Haven't seen this question in a while, so maybe a current survey would be
useful. I'll post the answers.

2) Does anyone have experience in sorting out the attachment points of
the ligaments of the pelvis from the surrounding fascia ? (Hello Andry
Vleeming and crew !) It would be very useful to have an approach to try
in identifying, if possible, discrete end points for these structures,
from the point of view of creating a biomechanical model of the SI joints
and pubic symphysis.

Thanks in advance to all who reply . . .

Roy Bechtel, PT
Department of Physical Therapy
University of Maryland at Baltimore
100 Penn Street - Suite 115
Baltimore, MD 21201

e-mail : rbechtel @ physio.ab.umd.edu