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Herman J. Woltring
06-06-1991, 02:27 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

The ammouncement below was received today from the Research@TempleVM list.
Considering the software survey section in the Journal of Biomechanics, I
feel that it warrants redissemination on this list, too. FYI: CREN is the
USA's merger of BITNET and CSNET.

With kind regards -- Herman J. Woltring

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Date: Thu, 6 Jun 91 07:36:20 EST
Subject: NEW LIST: SOFTREVU Small Computer System Software Reviews
Sender: Research News
Comments: Originally-From: "David B. O'Donnell"

This is not about research but it is interesting.

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Forum for the Discussion of Small Computer Systems
Software Reviews and Related Issues

SOFTREVU will provide a forum where users of personal computers and
other small computing systems can review, discuss, and examine software
products. Cross-platform compatibility issues related to software and
hardware, with an emphasis placed on software, are also included in this
forum. The relevance, intentions, and uses of various software product
categories, such as

* Personal Information Managers (PIMs) * Connectivity (communications)
* Utilities * Shells and "Front Ends"
* Graphics (formats, design packages) * Object-oriented Software
* Optical Character Recognition (OCR) * Programming Language Environments
* Multimedia products * Integrated Packages
* Desktop Publishing (DTP) * The three "basics"--Databases,
Spreadsheets and Text Managers

are also included. Multimedia-based integration of various application
categories, discussed from a software perspective, is also encouraged.
Software Products include new software packages as well as the latest
upgrades/updates to existing software products/packages. Members are
encouraged to share knowledge of existing software packages in addition
to that of new features being incorporated into upgrades of these
products. Members are also encouraged to share knowledge (such as the
uses, applications, and features) of recently introduced software
products. Therefore, members of the list are encouraged to act as
"consultants" and "enquirers" where appropriate.

In accordance with current CREN regulations, commercial activity
(such as the selling of software) will be prohibited.

SOFTREVU is intended to cover all microcomputer platforms; such as
the Apple Macintosh line, Amigas, IBM PS/2 line, PC compatibles, the
NeXT machines, Sun and SPARC workstations, and the like. Within the
scope of these computing platforms, a wide range of software products
exist. Any and all of these products are viable discussion topics.
SOFTREVU does not exist as a topic for issues of ethics in computing -
see the ETHICS-L list. However, the merits of software packages, such
as their user interface, compatibility across disparate computing
platforms, and the like, are acceptable topics. List subscribers are
encouraged to ask questions about software, and to offer up their
opinions. In keeping with current CREN (Corporation for Research and
Educational Networking) and InterNET policies, subscribers are
prohibited from attempting to sell software over the network. However,
the list moderators cannot be held responsible for the actions of list

SOFTREVU does not exist as a forum for the discussion of hardware or
programming issues except where the relevance to existing or forthcoming
software is explicit. Hardware issues should be directed to the
PCTECH-L and PCSUPT-L lists, which are geared toward discussions of that
nature. Programming and/or technical issues should be brought up in any
of the various lists and special interest groups which are designed for
this purpose. Only extremely limited concerns in customization of
existing software are included, such as writing simple macros, scripts,
and other modest routines. With respect to programming languages, the
merits of the environment package - not the actual language - are
appropriate for discussion.

Any person who wishes to share knowledge, answer questions and/or
desires to learn and ask questions is welcome. Potential members
include users, consultants, programmers, managers, and the like. This
list is intended to bring together people from all backgrounds to share

SOFTREVU is a moderated list. The atmosphere of this list is one of
mutual support to all members and advocates cooperation. Members are
expected to engage in constructive criticism only. Subscribers are
requested to keep personal vendettas off the list. This is not a forum
for political or ethical discussions in any capacity; it is a forum for
the discussion of software. Problems or complaints should be addressed
to the list moderators. Anyone who does not maintain this policy, or is
generally disruptive to the harmony of this list, will be removed.

Elaine Brennan, ELAINE@BrownVM.Brown.EDU
David B. O'Donnell, EL406006@BrownVM.Brown.EDU

The list will maintain monthly archives of discussions. These
archives will be purged periodically, removing outdated material, and to
save system space and overhead. Announcements will be made prior to
major purges, but subscribers should expect purges every few months. If
necessary, either local or remote filespace may be set aside for the
storage of documents of relevance to the list.

To subscribe to SOFTREVU send the command,


COMMANDS TO THE LIST. Send them to the LISTSERV account.