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Carol Workun
07-08-1996, 07:07 AM
I am a fairly recent subscriber to this list and have found it to be very
useful and informative.

I am currently working for the Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC)
in Ottawa, Canada. SIRC have just launched a new World Wide Web site
called SPORTQuest (http://www.SPORTQuest.com). Its aim is to provide
quality assessment and retrieval guidance for sport information on the
World Wide Web. The information is aimed at athletes and coaches,
students, professors, sports medicine specialists as well as general
sport enthusiasts.

My question from this list is for recommendation of sites on the Web that
you find useful and informative and that would be a valuable addition to
our site.

I thank you for any assistance you can offer in this matter and look
forward to hearing from you.

Carol Workun