View Full Version : Quadriceps Force Vector During Gait?

Anthony J. Petrella
07-10-1996, 07:33 AM
Dear Colleagues:

I am working on a FE model of the patellofemoral joint, and I am looking for information regarding the magnitude and direction of the 3D resultant force vector of the quadriceps group acting on the patella during normal gait. Up to this point I have found the following sources:

1. van Eijden, T. M. G. J., De Boer, W., and Weijs, W. A., "The Orientation of the Distal Part of the Quadriceps Femoris Muscle as a Function of the Knee Flexion-Extension Angle." J Biomechanics, Vol. 18, p. 803-809, 1985.

2. Nordin, M. and Frankel, V. H., Biomechanics of the Knee, in Basic Biomechanics of the Musculoskeletal System, M. Nordin and V.H. Frankel, Editors. 1989, Lea & Febiger: Philadelphia, PA. p. 115-134.

The work by van Eijden et al. provides the 2D orientation of the rectus femoris as measured from lateral view radiographs, and the book chapter prepared by Nordin and Frankel provides some information on the magnitude of the muscle force in the quadriceps group. However, I am afraid that the above is not really sufficient for my needs.

Can anyone suggest additional sources for this information? Thanks in advance, and, of course, I will provide the usual summary of responses.

Anthony J. Petrella
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Pittsburgh