View Full Version : cervical spine loading

D.l. Benoit
07-15-1996, 12:46 AM
Hello fellow biomch-l ers,

I am searching for information regarding the impact of repeated loading
to the cervical spine via the back of the head. The situation we are
investigating is such that forces up to the equivalence of three times
the mass of the head*gravity (or up to approx. 180N), are applied to the
occipital region of the skull at a loading rate ranging from 100 to 480 N/sec.
This obviously causes flexion in the cervical region as the mass of
the thorax resists the movement. My search has turned up a number of
papers that investigate spinal loading to failure in various flexion and
flexion-compression situations. However, I have been unsuccessful in
locating papers that deal with the risk factors involved in submaximal repeated
loading of the cervical spine (ie.: intervertebral disc degeneration,
capsular or ligamentous damage etc...).
Any references or information on this subject would be greatly
appreciated and a summary of responses will be posted.

Daniel Benoit
Dept. of Human Biodynamics
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario