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George Miller
07-17-1996, 09:20 AM
Dear Biomch-L Subscribers:

Several researchers who are participating in the IOC Medical Commission's
official biomechanics projects at the Atlanta Games have asked us to provide
on-going updates of their activities during the games. Therefore, we
created a section on our web page to provide brief reports regarding some of
the sports biomechanics projects. In addition to helping with many of the
data collection efforts, our staff will also collect visual images, conduct
interviews and, whenever possible, include data and reports for a variety of
the sport science projects. If all goes smoothly, we hope to supply regular
updates. If you are interested in the Olympics and the sports biomechanics
projects, please refer to:
If you have any questions about any of these projects, please feel free to
contact me.

If you would like to follow the Olympics electronically, we have also
identified the following web pages:
-- http://www.atlanta.olympic.org (The official 1996 Centennial Olympics
Games page)
-- http://www.olympic.org (The International Olympic Committee background on
the Olympic movement)
-- http://www.atlantagames.com (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper site)
-- http://www.sportsnetwork.com (For hardcore sports fans)
-- http://www.womensports.com/olympics (For women's sports)
-- http://www.olympic.nbc.com (Official home page of the USOC and the U.S.
television schedule)
-- http://www.olympic.ibm.com (Gateway to the athletes and coaches)
-- http://www.olympic.att.com (Live views of the Olympic village, games, info)

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