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Dean Inglis
07-18-1996, 01:25 AM
Dear colleagues;

I am working on constitutive modeling of human bone with an emphasis on
degradation of material properties and the aging process for my Master's
thesis in Civil Engineering. The constitutive framework will be applied
to the study of prosthesis loosening in THA. At present, I am forming a
3-D model of a human femur using CT scanning techniques, as well as
researching physiological loading conditions. I would greatly appreciate
information on the following:

1) would anyone be willing to share their 'CAD' model of a femur and/or
models of hip prostheses? I have applied for access to "The Standardized
Femur" model but would like several models for the study if possible.

2) 3-D force and respective coordinate reference system for
physiological loads on the proximal end of the femur. Current references
McLeish, R. D. et al (1970) Abduction forces in the one-legged stance.
J. Biomechanics, vol. 3, pp. 191-209.

Greenwald, A. S. et al (1971) The transmission of load through the human
hip joint. J. Biomech., vol. 4, pp. 507-528.

Paul, J. P. (1971) Load actions on the human femur in walking and some
resultant stresses. Experimental Mechanics, March, pp.121-125.

Crowninshield, R. D. et al (1978) A biomechanical investigation of the
human hip. J. Biomech., vol. 11, pp. 75-85.

Rohrle, H. et al (1984) Joint forces in the human pelvis-leg skeleton
during walking. J. Biomech., vol. 17, no. 6, pp. 409-424.

Bergmann, G. et al (1984) A comparison of hip joint forces in sheep, dog
and man. J. Biomech., vol. 17, no. 12, pp. 907-921.

Bergmann, G. et al (1993) Hip joint loading during walking and running,
measured in two patients. J. Biomech.,vol. 26, no. 8, pp. 969-990.

Sorry for the long list, but maybe someone else will find it useful.

Thanks in advance

Dean Inglis

Dept. of Civil Engineering
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario