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Sander Gielen
07-22-1996, 01:25 AM
Dean Inglis (g8415510@mcmail.CIS.McMaster.CA) wrote:
| Dear colleagues;

| I am working on constitutive modeling of human bone with an emphasis on
| degradation of material properties and the aging process for my Master's
| thesis in Civil Engineering. The constitutive framework will be applied
| to the study of prosthesis loosening in THA. At present, I am forming a
| 3-D model of a human femur using CT scanning techniques, as well as
| researching physiological loading conditions. I would greatly appreciate
| information on the following:

Contact the group of Prof. R.Huiskes in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
They perform FEM computations on 3D femur models.
Phone: +31-24-3614476

Check out their publications. (Huiskes, Weinans, Mullender, ...)

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