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D Wong
07-22-1996, 03:31 PM
In response to your question about normalizing EMG, there has been some
previous work done in this area, although mainly focussed on the back
(erector spinae).

Potvin, J., Norman, R. and Wells, R. (1990). A field method for
continuous estimation of dynamic compressive forces on the L4/L5 disc
during the performance of repetitive industrial tasks. _23rd Annual
Congress of the Human Factors Association of Canada_.

What Potvin et al. did was to take EMG from a subject in a standardized
posture with a submaximal load and this was used to normalize the EMG

This method has been used successfully in a few othes studies. I don't
recall the references but they were by:

Neumann, P., Norman, R., and Wells, R.
Wells, R., Norman, R., and Neumann, P.

Again, since you are dealing with the ACL, I'm not sure how much
this will help you but hopefully, it may give you some idea as to what
you might do.

David Wong
4A Kinesiology, Ergonomics Option
University of Waterloo