View Full Version : Any Pediatric Data Out There?

Kleinberger, Mike
07-23-1996, 06:08 AM
Dear Biomch-L:

I am trying to find available data on the biomechanical response of children, from
birth to maturity. My primary interest is in the cervical spine, but I would be
interested in any pediatric data available. If anyone knows where I can find
existing data on the stiffness and tolerance of the pediatric neck please contact
me directly at mkleinberger@nhtsa.dot.gov. Again, data on any body region
would be helpful. I will even settle for any leads or contacts that you can think

I am not expecting a tremendous response to this inquiry, but if I do receive any
useful information I will post a summary to the list.

- Mike Kleinberger


Dr. Michael Kleinberger
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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Biomechanics Research Division

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