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Rebecca A. States
07-24-1996, 07:43 AM
* Motor Control Research Assistant *

The Department of Health and Kinesiology at Texas A & M University
invites applications for a graduate research assistant (Master's or
Doctoral level) in Motor Control. The position is available September
1, 1996 or January 15, 1997 for nine or twelve months and is

This position involves assisting with an NSF funded research project
co-directed by Dr. Rebecca States and Dr. Charles Wright to develop and
refine models of speed-accuracy tradeoffs during aimed arm movements.
Experiments with human subjects will require detailed analysis of hand
and joint trajectories, as well as computational modeling of movement
trajectories and of task dependent decision making.

Ph.D. candidates are preferred, but exceptional M.S. applicants will
also be considered. Candidates must have excellent quantitative skills.
Interests in C++ programming, advanced regression modeling,
biomechanics, or cognitive neuroscience a plus. Qualified candidates
who enroll in the doctoral program in Motor Behavior will be given
priority though candidates from related departments are encouraged to

The Department of Health and Kinesiology offers, among other programs,
a Master of Science and a Doctor of Philosophy program in Kinesiology
with specialization in Motor Behavior. This program provides
instruction and research opportunities in human motor control, motor
learning, motor development, and exercise physiology. An
inter-departmental specialization in neuroscience is also available.
The Motor Behavior program is experimentally oriented and is designed
to provide students with a thorough foundation in the cognitive and
neural processes that assist the performance and learning of
perceptual-motor skills. In addition to work conducted in the
department laboratories, supplemental experiences are available in
electrical engineering (robotics), computer science (artificial
intelligence), industrial engineering (human factors) and psychology.

Candidates should express their interest by sending a statement and
other appropriate information (resume, vita, or narrative identifying
relevant experiences) to:

Dr. Rebecca States
Elouise Beard Smith Human Performance Laboratory
Department of Health and Kinesiology
Texas A & M University
College Station, Texas 77843-4243

email: states@tam2000.tamu.edu
tel: 409-862-3229
fax: 409-847-8987