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Prof. Joe Mizrahi
07-25-1996, 03:48 PM
On Tue, 23 Jul 1996, Micah Forstein wrote:

> Dear subscribers,
> I am in the process of generating a list of references pertaining to the
> simultaneous use of electromyography and functional electrical stimulation.
> While a great deal has been published on the singular use of both of these
> topics, using emg as a method to modulate the FES signals has recieved
> limited attention. Any assistance in this search or discussion on the
> complexities of such a system would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks for your help,
> Micah Forstein M.S.
> Motion Lab Engineer
> Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
> forstein@hsc.usc.edu
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Please refer to the following:
- Mizrahi, J. Levy, M. Ring, H., Isakov, E. and Liberson, A.:
EMG as an indicator of fatigue of isometrically FES-activated paralyzed
muscles. IEEE Trans Rehab Eng 2:57-65, 1994.
- Minzly, J. Mizrahi, J. Hakim, N.and Liberson, A.: A stimulus artifact
suppressor for EMG recording during FES by a constant current
stimulator. Med Biol Eng & Comp 31:72-75, 1993.

Also, a special issue of the Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology
devoted to Muscle Fatigue in FES is now in press. The Guest Editor is the
undersigned and some of the papers to appear in this issue deal with the
above topic.

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