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George R. Capili
07-27-1996, 07:31 AM
Dear Subscriber:

We are Ariel Dynamics Worldwide -- we are a leading innovvator and service
provider in the fields of Athletics, Biomechanics, and Sports and
Rehabilitative Medicine. We have several clients who have benefitted from
our innovations in the field of Biomechanics -- among them NASA (National
Aeronautics and Space Administration), the U.S. Air Force, America's Cup,
and IBM Corporation.

It might be of interest to your readers that we are serving as the official
research team for biomechanical analysis for the International Track and
Field Association. In this capacity we are collecting high speed video
data at the following events: High Jump, Javelin, Sprits, Shotput, and
Tripple jump,

This data is being processed almost in real time and will be downloaded to
our website for anyone in the world to use. Files are in the AVI format
and can be
digitized frame by frame. Calibration points are given from known objects
on the field. We are also porviding hourly updates on the Olympic Games
with a special emphasis on the scientific aspects of human performance in a
sports setting. Our website is at http://www.arielnet.com.

Going about our work in metropolitan Atlanta has been a challenge, an
adventure, and sometimes a very close call ... we walked by the place where
the bomb had exploded just 2 minutes before, on our way back from the
stadium. But after all is said and done, we still find the Games to be a
very worthwhile experience for ourselves, for our clients and for the
Olympic movement.

Like everyone else, we are shocked and saddened by this terrible breech in
Olympic pease and friendship. But what is closest to our hearts at the
moment is that we remain active in the games. We are here with our
clients, we care for their safety, comfort and convenience, and we are
doing something about it by providing helpful and interesting information
on an hourly basis.

George Capili
Ariel Dynamics Worldwide