View Full Version : Biomechanical Data for 1996 Olympic Games

George R. Capili
07-28-1996, 12:44 PM
Dear Subscriber:

Courtesy of the International Track and Field Coaches Association,
subscribers who are interested have access to the 1996 Olympic Games data.
Serving as the official research team for biomechanical analysis, we are
collecting high speed video data at many of the technical events including
the High Jump, Javelin, Shot-put, and Triple jump. As the Games continue,
more event data will be collected. The data is processed nearly in real
time and will be downloaded to our website for anyone in the world to use.
Files are in AVI format and can be digitized frame by frame. Calibration
points from known objects on the field are also provided.

We are making efforts to provide hourly updates on the Olympic Games
with a special emphasis on the scientific aspects of human performance in a
sports setting.

Our website is at http://www.arielnet.com.

Regards .......
George Capili