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Biomechanics Research Team
07-29-1996, 12:53 AM
Research Studenship - Biomechanics

Department of Exercise and Sport Science
Manchester Metropolitan University
Alsager, Cheshire ST7 2HL

Biomechanical modelling of the musculoskeletal system for the assessment of
joint loading and injuries in sport.

This is a faculty funded PhD studentship (5000 UK pounds - sterlings- per
annum plus tuition fees).
The aim of this project is to develop appropriate models of musculoskeletal
system segments using a new modelling package and use them in an inverse
dynamics approach in order to examine muscle and joint loading, and
therefore injury potential, in different sports. The models will be
developed using SIMM (Software of Interactive Musculoskeletal Modelling), a
Silicon Graphics based system and then used in an inverse dynamics approach
to determine joint forces and moments. This is handled by the Dynamics
Pipeline which is interfaced to a Dynamical System Modelling software tool
(SD/FAST). This will typically involve filming the activity of interest and
then using the kinematic data to drive the musculoskeletal model. The
equations of motions associated with the model are generated by the system
and are solved to provide the joint forces and moments responsible for the
observed movement. The research student will be expected to have a good
theoretical background of Anatomy/Functional Anatomy and Kinematics/Inverse
Dynamics with skills/experience in the following:

- Detailed functional anatomy of the musculoskeletal system
- Biomechanical aspects of sport injuries and injury prevention
- Three dimensional kinematic analysis
- Three dimensional representation of body segments
- Formulation of Equations of motion for multi-link systems and inverse
dynamics calculations

Please respond by Email or fax only as soon as possible to:
FAX: +44 161 247 6375