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Mike Whittle
07-29-1996, 02:19 AM
I am currently writing a review on the clinical uses of viscoelastic materials,
particularly in footwear and insoles. The literature is full of trade names,
and I have found it difficult to identify what some of the materials actually
are, chemically. I would be grateful if those of you with knowledge of such
materials would review the provisional list below, and suggest corrections.
I would also appreciate additions, if there are materials in common use for
this purpose, or which have been used for published studies, which are not
on the list.

1) polyurethane elastomers: Sorbothane, Viscolas, Cambion
2) polyurethane foams: Poron, PPT, Cleron
3) polyethylene foams: Pelite, Plastazote, Evazote
4) polyvinyl chloride foams: Implus
5) synthetic rubber foams: Neoprene, Spenco, EVA, Noene, Ucolite, Zdel
6) unidentified: Gait Aid, Ratgeber

Please reply DIRECTLY TO ME, and NOT to the whole biomch-l list!
I will post a summary in due course.

With thanks,

Mike Whittle
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