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Kelvin E. Jones
07-30-1996, 04:44 PM
Dear Biomch-L colleagues,

I am hoping to solicit some advice and confirmation in my attempt to measure
wrist movements with an optoelectronic camera system.

My objective is to use a single camera to track the positions of two passive
markers attached to the front of the hand (subjects have their hands closed
in a loose fist and the markers are attached near the MCP joint). The camera
is positioned in front of the subject to view the markers on a line which
extends down the forearm to the elbow.

Of course measuring movements is no problem, however, I want to transform
the data from the camera coordinate system to a wrist coordinate system to
obtain values for wrist flexion-extension, and radial-ulnar deviation.

I have collected the data and worked out a way to do all this but I was
hoping to have my methods peer reviewed and any glaring errors pointed out.
I'm new to the field and would like to hear from those with more experience.

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