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07-31-1996, 01:15 AM
Hi Edward,

I have just qualified with a medical degree from
Sheffield, but I spent 4 years doins a PhD in zoology biomechanics
before completing my medical degree. I studied the hydrodynamics of
swimming Atlantic salmon and mackerel, where we also tried to include
the resistive forces of the muscle tissue and skin in the energy
requirements to deform the fish body. Try Zoology texts (especially
The Journal of Experimental Biology), searching for authors R. McNeil
Alexander (Prof. at Dept. of Applied Biology, Leeds University - the
major centre in the UK for animal biomechanics). Also, Prof. Steve
Wainwright has published papers on skin deformation mechanics (at
Duke University, Carolina, USA). "Fish Biomechanics", 1983, by
Springer-Verlag (I think) gives you some idea of the work done in
fish soft tissue mechanics. For other soft tissues, try the
biomechanics search in the WWW, especially at St. Francis Xavier,
Dept. of Biology and Dr. Edwin DeMont. I worked with him last summer
on the fish bending mechanics; he also does experiments on scallop
swimming and cow artery mechanics (deformation and tensile strength -
Young's Modulus measurements).
Best wishes,

Julian W. Tang MA PhD MB BS
University of Sheffield.

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Dear all

I am putting together grant applications looking at
the biomechanics of various soft tissue structures.

Granulation tissue, brain etc.

Can anyone suggest conferences (with dates) and
learned bodies to which such work would be relevant?

The only one's I know are orthopaedic based and so not
directly relevant?

Many thanks in advance.

Edward Draper PhD BSc CEng MIMechE MIPEMB
Principal Research Fellow in Bioengineering
Royal Postgraduate Medical School
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